Networking mistakes freelancer commonly make

Networking is that backbone of freelancers that helps to find works and opens up new work opportunities. But most of the time freelancers make common networking mistakes that lead to break down of the entire network. It’s hard to build a good network of clients, but due to some common mistakes, it can break down very quickly.

Networking is the biggest key in terms of success for many professional or productive freelancers. Many people are not aware of the success that networking provides, as a result, they don’t understand or learn about it and end up making costly mistakes.


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You must study other professional freelancers well and learn from their mistakes and try to ignore them much. Being a budding freelancer, you must avoid some of the networking mistakes freelancers commonly make:

  • Over-aggressive

You must not be over-aggressive, pushy or demanding. First, try to build a good relationship and earn each other’s respect so that there should not be any possibility to seize networking opportunity. Companies don’t like to hire any aggressive freelancer for their work.

Aggressiveness may affect a lot in your work as you may lose most of your work. So, you must learn to be polite.

  • Cleaning up social media profile

Keep away your personal social media stuff from your audience as it may affect your professional freelancing life a lot. Most of the networking work is done online on social media, hence it is a must to clean up personal data from social media profiles as it may become a risk.

Stalking your personal stuff is no one’s business, but if you are connected to any misleading content, it can greatly affect your personality and bring you down.

  • Follow up, Don’t stalk

Follow up is a must to get connected and building up a good relationship with an individual on online or any co-working space. Follow up within 24 hours or 48 hours and reach out to the individual so that you remain fresh in their minds and it will cement your relationship.

It is a very good approach for a freelancer to reach out to a lot of people and accomplish a number of works. If someone does not respond, don’t stalk and better move on to someone else.

  • Give and take

Networking follows the rule of giving and take policy. As a freelancer, you must obey the rules. If you only ask for favors without doing much help in return, it’s going to be really tough for you.

If someone is doing a favor for you, it’s your responsibility to help as much as you can. Either, you will lose your relationship with the Networking contact pretty soon and you have to pay for it badly.

  • Good first impression

The first impression is the last impression. Although most of the networking works are done online, if there is a possibility of face-to-face networking and interaction, you must not disappoint the potential client or partner.

Freelancer must be presentable to look nice and impress the clients who are going to hire you for their work. Hence, it is a must to provide good first impressions to the businessmen or clients.

  • Lack of confidence

Experiences may not always lead to success, but it will surely teach you some good life lessons. Whatever may be the situation or the position you are in, never underestimate the power of your past experiences. So always learn to be confident no matter what are your consequences.

Confidence in a freelancer is the major priority for Networking, as it will help you to overcome almost every hurdle with ease.

  • Networking must not look like networking

You must not publish or network yourself, being a self-obsessed person. It will not draw much attention to the clients as it will drop down your personality as a freelancer. If you are visiting any networking event, always look forward to learning and teach something new.

Don’t be so business minded while interacting and try to leave some space for general topics too. You must have something interesting to talk about, meet new people and learn from their experiences. Helping people is a good idea but networking about it is not.

  • Over-enthusiastic

You should not be an over-enthusiastic and self-obsessed person. You must not keep on talking about yourself only, you must be capable enough to listen to others also. Don’t take any networking event for granted and you cannot bring your friend as a companion to such events. As a good freelancer, you must visit by yourself which will boost your confidence much to a higher level.

Networking is a part of your work. It takes a lot of effort. So, you must study well and do your homework before visiting any networking event. Try to make new contacts which can enhance your working horizon. It’s always good to spend some quality time with a bunch of good people rather than a little bit of time with a lot of people.

Wrapping up

Networking is a key to long-term success for a lot of professional freelancers out there. It might be a bit confusing and uncomfortable for you at present, but you will learn how to use networking and it will become the greatest strength in your working career. We hope this article will help you a lot in avoiding a lot of mistakes and study and understand networking properly. Do study what others are doing and learn from the mistakes they do, and try to avoid the networking mistakes most inexperienced freelancer commonly make.


8 Tips for Successful Collaboration with Freelancers

Working with freelancers and getting the best results depends on successful collaboration. There are many factors that come into play when you are dealing with freelancers. Most the problem occurs when you pick someone from an online source and don’t even know who you are dealing with. Is he dedicated? Is he qualified enough to handle your project? And many questions come to mind. However, if you can make successful teamwork that you will get an outcome that will be more than expected.

Here, we will share 8 tips for successful collaboration with freelancers.

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These tips for the successful alliance with freelancers which will surely help the clients including small, medium, and large industries to communicate with the hired freelance web designers or developers to get the best service from them.

So if you are one of those unsatisfied clients and looking for some ways to collaborate with the freelancers then read the whole article for a successful collaboration and get the answers.

8 Tips for Successful Collaboration with Freelancers

While working with the freelance web developers and designers, there are some points that must be kept in mind for better results. Clients those are unsatisfied with their hired freelance creative designers can use those points as the tricks to collaborate successfully.

So the Top 8 Tips for Successful Collaboration with Freelancers are:

1.     Explain True Motive of the projects

For the implementation of all the expectations and get the best quality products from the freelancers, the clients must share or explain the true motive of the projects. The freelancers must realize the clients view and what do they want and what not. Once the freelancers can realize the true motive, they can give the exactly same quality products as per the clients’ expectations with all the features and facilities that the clients may not assume before starting the projects, freelancers can add those aspects also that are going to be needed. That is why explaining the exact motive is very important.

2.     Explain clear terms and conditions before starting

The most common issue while working with freelancers is the hiding of information by the clients. There should not be any hidden terms and conditions or any extra requirements that the clients are looking for. Try to explain your perspective, expectations, budget, and all other information while consultation. This will help the freelancers to plan their work, prices, timing, and others.

3.     Provide a free to work environment

Freelancers are creative designers who always try to provide the best services to their clients. So it is the duty of the clients to provide a free to work environment to the designers, not like office environment with a lot of restrictions, so that they can concentrate and work freely on the projects. And in return, the clients will get the best result for that particular project.

4.     Answer all the queries come from the Freelancers

The best thing for clients in working with freelancers is the ability to discuss problems, requirements and implementing them. In the same way the clients must answer all the queries of the freelancers before the project as well as during the project too.

5.     Stop guiding step by step

Must remember, Freelance web designers or web developers or others are professionals who have chosen freelancing so that they can innovate new ideas and implement them. So guiding them step by step or restricting their works may affect the quality the project. Guiding them to particular directions can be a big loss for the clients also, because by doing this; clients use to decrease the chances to get something new.

6.     Give feedback

While working on some projects clients are suggested to give feedbacks on every steps of work. But the feedbacks must be given in a gentle manner that should lead the freelancers to think for the better options.

7.     Try to balance the expectations and the prices

It is a common issue that every freelancers face after completing their job i.e. price adjustments. Clients often demand many extra things or facilities in between the projects that are not mentioned in the contract, but always try to stick to the prices already fixed. So the clients must balance the expectations and prices at the end of the projects.

8.     Never request for any extra facility for previous projects

It is often found that many clients demand some extra facilities for previous projects or because there wasn’t any requirement to use some services of the previous projects. Always remember that, it is the due to the quality work of the freelancers that you didn’t need to use those facilities. Asking for more facilities may hamper the quality of next projects. So never request for extra facilities for such reasons.

Final Words

These are the best 8 tips for clients to deal successfully with freelancers. These effective tips will surely help the clients to handle the freelancers in such a way that will not break the work enthusiasm of the freelancers. Hence the freelancers will feel free to work and will focus on the project to implement some innovative ideas. In short, the tips for successful collaboration will lead the clients to get the best quality products from the freelancers.



How to find Quality Graphic Designers for your Projects?

Finding Graphic Designers is not a very tough job these days. They can be found on many job portal sites or any freelance graphic designer websites. But When it comes to finding the worth graphic designers for your projects, most people face problem to find such talents. However, when you get connected with the right person who understands your projects well, can make your project highly successful.  As graphics play an important role in the promotion and helps for achieving “WOW” impression, you just cannot ignore the importance of a graphic designer.

Because, here in this article, we have provided some tips on How to find quality graphic designers for your projects. Here you will get to know about the various points that you should look after about the designers to avoid the risks of loss. So read the article from top to bottom and know about the tips on hiring graphic designers for getting quality services.

Graphic designing is an art of creating visual communication with the customers using various graphic symbols, photography, typography to make the visual presentation attractive to the users as well as easy to understand the purposes of it. Graphic design includes web designing, logo designing for brands, branding, editorial designs for magazines and papers, advertising, and many others.

That is why the graphic designers should not be only qualified but also creative. And with creativity, they must have experience in this field. Then their creation will bear the artistic value along with the ability to understand by all categories of customers for sure. So, before hiring them, the clients must focus on some aspects of the designers including their creativity and others.

Tips to Find Graphic Designers for your projects

Finding creative designers is not so tough if you focus on some aspects of the designers. But the problem is, to know about the various aspects of the graphic designing field as a client is not possible. Hence the risk of missing the quality web designers always remains there. That is why we are here with some tips to find and hire the quality graphic designers for your projects. You must focus on these tips before hiring the web designers to get quality services. So the tips to find Graphic Designers are:

Know about the work experience of the web designers

At the very beginning, the clients must try to know or ask the designers about how many years they are working in this graphic designing field? This will help the clients to know about the work experiences of the creative designers. It is important to know because in this field, the experience is very important for survival. And those who have competed and survived in this field for a long period of time can give the perfect solutions to the clients and their brands to compete with the world.

Know about the previous clients of the designers

Another important thing to know about the designers after knowing the years of experience is about their previous clients. The clients must ask the designers about their previous clients. This will help the clients to understand the professionalism of the designers. If the designers have worked with many reputed business houses during the period, then it is clear that the designers are totally professional and hence can complete and deliver the projects on time.

Ask for the portfolio

The clients must ask for the portfolios of the graphic designers or their website links. This will help the clients to browse and look the various works of the designers for their previous clients. Then the clients can evaluate the perspective of the clients and the quality of the delivered work of the designers.

Check users’ feedbacks of the clients

Before taking any decisions, the clients should also check the feedbacks or of the previous clients about the graphic designers. The feedbacks can be found on the websites of the graphic designers and their quality of services. So clients are suggested to browse to the websites and read all the feedbacks or testimonials from the previous clients. Clients can browse the forums also, if available in the websites, which will give the perfect idea about the designers.

Whether the designer is worthy of your project or not?

Knowing about the years of experience, previous clients, portfolio, feedbacks are only helping you to get about the professionalism and services of the designers. If the all the above-mentioned tips give satisfying results, then it is the time to focus the most important point i.e. whether the graphic designers are worthy of your projects or not? Because, different designers have different strong points for them, so recognizing the strong point(s) of the designers is most important before hiring the graphic designers for the projects.

Sources to Find Graphic Designers for projects

There are many ways as well as sources available which can help the clients to search for various web designing companies as well as freelance graphic designers from all around the world. One of the ways is using freelance job portals like,,,, etc. The job portals allow the users to publish freelance designer jobs for absolutely free.

Another best way is to browse to any forums to ask questions related to graphic designers and get many suggestions from the online community. One of the best sources for this is the

Final Words

These are all about How to Find Graphic Designers for Projects? In this article, we have provided some ways as well as some sources to search for graphic designers. And also some tips that clients must focus on before hiring the best creative designers for their projects. So follow the ways, sources, and tips to find and hire the best graphic designers for your projects.

Best Web Development Tutorials for Beginners

Web Development Tutorials are the best options for beginners and fresher who want to learn and achieve success in learning web design from basics. That is why many online training providers are now providing web development tutorial videos, web development tutorial PDF files, tutorials for web coding for beginners, and many more things to attract the beginners.

But there is always a confusion remains in minds about the reliability and quality of the service providers.


That is why we are here to provide the 5 Best Web Development Tutorials for Beginners which will surely help them out to learn web development step by step as well as to adopt for advanced courses for better learning. Here we have also included the top web development courses providers, so that beginners, as well as others, can choose the best option for the leading ones for themselves. So read the whole article to get the top web development tutorials for beginners as well as fresher.

5 Best Web Development Tutorials for Beginners 2018

There are many Online courses providers which offer Web Development Tutorials for their registered learners as well as for beginners who want to learn web development and also to opt for advanced courses to learn about web development. And the best thing of those online courses is that learners can learn from the tutorials right from their home. So the best web development tutorial providers for beginners and fresher are listed below.


Coursera, founded by two computer science professors of Stanford University, is one of the largest online course providers worldwide with 2000+ courses and more than 20 million learners. There are 100+ universities partnering with Coursera. Along with many other courses, it also provides courses related to web developments including programming languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Python, etc. There are many free courses, specialization courses, and even masters programs are also available in Coursera. So, the tutorials for web development and other courses are designed by experts and hence 100% reliable.


Codecademy is another online courses provider for the beginners, especially for web development. It provides many free courses for teaching programming languages like Basic HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and others. Learners from all around the world can browse to the site and register themselves for gathering the basic knowledge. There are also many advanced level courses for web development available in Codecademy. It provides video tutorials for web development including front-end development, back-end development, and full stack development also.


Another best online courses provider in the world is Udacity. It provides thousands of courses related to machine learning engineering, full stack web developer, mobile web specialist, and many others. the courses and services of the Udacity are so fruitful that even many industries including Google, Amazon, and others use to hire it to train their employees with the latest technologies. Apart from the industries, there are more than 100000+ learners and employees from all around the world are learning from it. That is why it also provides online video tutorials for the learners to learn anytime anywhere. So beginners can also opt for Udacity for web development tutorial videos.


Among all the online course providers portals another reliable and effective one is edX. It has provided thousands of basic courses for the beginners which are absolutely free. There are many Video Tutorials are also available for the registered and other learners from all around the world. But the learners must pay some fee to get certificates of those free courses. After the completion of the free courses, learners can opt for premium advanced courses. The quality of course guides and other services are so high that universities like University of Pennsylvania and industries like Microsoft have partnered with it.

Khan Academy

The best option for beginners in all fields is Khan Academy. It provides expert training for various courses like chemistry, computer science, basic programming languages, and many others. The best thing about Khan Academy is that all the courses available in the site are absolutely free for all. But being free for all, it provides online course materials including video tutorials for the learners so that they can surf and learn from anywhere anytime. The video tutorials for different courses are also available on their Youtube channel too.

Things to consider before picking web development course

Before choosing an online course for web development or any other course, there are some requirements that all the learners must fulfill. We have discussed some of the simple but important things below.

For beginners who are completely new to the concept of web development or any others are suggested to go with the basic courses that will help them to learn the basic knowledge of programming languages and others.

Learners who want to opt for advanced courses are also suggested to make their selves prepared with the various aspects of web development. They must have clear concepts about the programming languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ruby, PHP, and others. Then they should compare and choose the best-advanced courses for them.

Final Words

These are all about the best web development tutorials for beginners. Here, we have provided all the top online course provider portals; hence all the video tutorials available on their sites are completely designed by experts so that the learners can understand the discussions very easily. So browse to the top providers for web development tutorials and learn everything you want.

5 to-do list every freelancer must know to be more productive

Want to be more productive? Looking for some to do list formats to be more productive? You are at the right place as we will provide you with the best 5 to do list formats which will help you to be more productive in life. Choosing the proper and realistic format is a must for a freelancer, as unrealistic format levels may end up feeling overwhelmed and ineffective.

Whatever format you may choose, but one thing should be kept in mind that it should affect performance. It must produce results at the end of the day. Either every hard work paid by you will go in vain. Let us study the format briefly so that we get a detailed overview.

5 Formats to be more productive for freelancer

We should choose the format from our larger goals and work accordingly to reach the top with minimum effort. A format should be proper and easier to make things work. Lets’ have a look at the best to do list format to produce effective results:

  • Prepare it for the night before

Taking out a few minutes to write about your work to be done the next day will save out a lot of time. You don’t have to figure out about what to do next in the early morning busy schedule. You don’t have to waste super-charged minutes to figure out what to do next if you prepare your to-do-list the night before.

  • Content qualification

There are two criteria in the content you must follow to prepare your to-do-list for every day. One should be the important tasks that need to be done whereas the other one should be the tasks that need to be ignored.

Sometimes we stuff our list with some items which don’t need to be done today or not so important. This might result in working for long hours unnecessarily. If you are done with your work, you can move ahead and prepare for the next day’s tasks which you want to do.

  • Simple and precise

A list format must be simple yet precise and contains a lesser number of works so that each task should get completed by the end of the day. Precision is a must to produce better results.

Keeping things simple and working on it will definitely going to be more productive in life as well as a freelancing business too.

  • Daily schedule

A daily schedule for a freelancer is a good planning format as it will reduce a lot of work-load pending. If you are done with your daily work and have some time to spare, you can take over some work from your weekly scheduled stuff and make it done.

  • Weekly commitments

Listing out all the stuff to be done in a week makes it easy for the freelancer, to prepare the to-do-list for the everyday workout. If some of the tasks are not completed by the week, it could be easily carried over to the next week and plan accordingly.

  • Task priority

If you are planning to prepare your to-do-list and work accordingly, you must give priority to the tasks you must do. Make sure to figure out all the important tasks to be done and also calling out the unimportant tasks. This will help you in managing your schedule properly. You will also be aware of what to do and what should not be done.

 Freelancer must Consider these points Before preparing your to-do-list formats

  • Balance between life and work

There must be a balance between both work and life so that nothing becomes complicated. A happy worker is a productive worker. A worker must not indulge himself in work the whole day. There need to be break and refreshments.

Hence, there should be a proper balance between work and life of a man. So to-do-list format must be designed in such a way that with every work on progress there will be some time to relax too.

  • Efficient and productive

A to-do-list is a great tool, if you apply it properly in every aspect of your work and life, you will be more efficient and more productive enough. It should be efficient enough to provide good results and accomplish every task you look forward to completing.

  • Professional and personal

A to-do-list must be able to carry out both the personal and professional work at a time respectively. You must design your list with your professional as well as personal tasks so that both of them get done by the end of the day.

Wrapping up

A to-do-list is a great tool to utilize in every aspect of life and work. It will help to grow and produce much better results effectively. Though it might sound a complicated process to carry out, working for a few minutes on a daily plan can save a lot of hours. A to-do-list enable freelancer to score good results you are looking for if you are able to choose the proper to-do-list format that suits your personality.

We hope this article will help you out in preparing your best to-do-list format that will help you to be more productive and efficient. All the best!