Networking mistakes freelancer commonly make

Networking is that backbone of freelancers that helps to find works and opens up new work opportunities. But most of the time freelancers make common networking mistakes that lead to break down of the entire network. It’s hard to build a good network of clients, but due to some common mistakes, it can break down very quickly.

Networking is the biggest key in terms of success for many professional or productive freelancers. Many people are not aware of the success that networking provides, as a result, they don’t understand or learn about it and end up making costly mistakes.


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You must study other professional freelancers well and learn from their mistakes and try to ignore them much. Being a budding freelancer, you must avoid some of the networking mistakes freelancers commonly make:

  • Over-aggressive

You must not be over-aggressive, pushy or demanding. First, try to build a good relationship and earn each other’s respect so that there should not be any possibility to seize networking opportunity. Companies don’t like to hire any aggressive freelancer for their work.

Aggressiveness may affect a lot in your work as you may lose most of your work. So, you must learn to be polite.

  • Cleaning up social media profile

Keep away your personal social media stuff from your audience as it may affect your professional freelancing life a lot. Most of the networking work is done online on social media, hence it is a must to clean up personal data from social media profiles as it may become a risk.

Stalking your personal stuff is no one’s business, but if you are connected to any misleading content, it can greatly affect your personality and bring you down.

  • Follow up, Don’t stalk

Follow up is a must to get connected and building up a good relationship with an individual on online or any co-working space. Follow up within 24 hours or 48 hours and reach out to the individual so that you remain fresh in their minds and it will cement your relationship.

It is a very good approach for a freelancer to reach out to a lot of people and accomplish a number of works. If someone does not respond, don’t stalk and better move on to someone else.

  • Give and take

Networking follows the rule of giving and take policy. As a freelancer, you must obey the rules. If you only ask for favors without doing much help in return, it’s going to be really tough for you.

If someone is doing a favor for you, it’s your responsibility to help as much as you can. Either, you will lose your relationship with the Networking contact pretty soon and you have to pay for it badly.

  • Good first impression

The first impression is the last impression. Although most of the networking works are done online, if there is a possibility of face-to-face networking and interaction, you must not disappoint the potential client or partner.

Freelancer must be presentable to look nice and impress the clients who are going to hire you for their work. Hence, it is a must to provide good first impressions to the businessmen or clients.

  • Lack of confidence

Experiences may not always lead to success, but it will surely teach you some good life lessons. Whatever may be the situation or the position you are in, never underestimate the power of your past experiences. So always learn to be confident no matter what are your consequences.

Confidence in a freelancer is the major priority for Networking, as it will help you to overcome almost every hurdle with ease.

  • Networking must not look like networking

You must not publish or network yourself, being a self-obsessed person. It will not draw much attention to the clients as it will drop down your personality as a freelancer. If you are visiting any networking event, always look forward to learning and teach something new.

Don’t be so business minded while interacting and try to leave some space for general topics too. You must have something interesting to talk about, meet new people and learn from their experiences. Helping people is a good idea but networking about it is not.

  • Over-enthusiastic

You should not be an over-enthusiastic and self-obsessed person. You must not keep on talking about yourself only, you must be capable enough to listen to others also. Don’t take any networking event for granted and you cannot bring your friend as a companion to such events. As a good freelancer, you must visit by yourself which will boost your confidence much to a higher level.

Networking is a part of your work. It takes a lot of effort. So, you must study well and do your homework before visiting any networking event. Try to make new contacts which can enhance your working horizon. It’s always good to spend some quality time with a bunch of good people rather than a little bit of time with a lot of people.

Wrapping up

Networking is a key to long-term success for a lot of professional freelancers out there. It might be a bit confusing and uncomfortable for you at present, but you will learn how to use networking and it will become the greatest strength in your working career. We hope this article will help you a lot in avoiding a lot of mistakes and study and understand networking properly. Do study what others are doing and learn from the mistakes they do, and try to avoid the networking mistakes most inexperienced freelancer commonly make.


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